"Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want." -Patrick Verona


Now you can know you'll be heard, understood, appreciated, inspired and undivided.

In 7 Dimensions.

At the Speed of Movies.


Start ReInventing Now


Not knowing which way to go - and with whom - is no fun. So many missed opportunities.

Don't be held back. You were meant for much more than your life is currently showing and you know it.

Here's to never being just an extra in someone else's movie ever again.

Start Rapid ReInvention™

Remind Life Who It's Dealing With

If last year's mayhem is still preventing you from living your one life on your terms, here's a way to quickly beat it at its own game.

Facing the same challenges ourselves, we dug deep and began extracting the secrets and philosophies, tools and techniques, education and approaches that worked the fastest with our past clients and students, helping them overcome the Storms of Life in the least amount of time. 

After more than two decades of experience with nearly every industry, situation and character, we were able to synthesize the most cutting-edge behavioral science and timeless wisdom into a single compact course guaranteed to unleash your creativity, energy of purpose and superpowers in the new world. 

With Rapid ReInvention, you'll leverage ancient wisdom, an accelerated learning model, strategic tools and our unique method for connecting the dots so you can quickly move from further behind to leaps ahead.

And because it's built upon the accelerated Hero School® learning model, you'll achieve inner alignment and reinvention many times faster than you ever thought possible.


Rapid ReInvention™

Seven Synchronized Classes. A Whole New World.

Using the Hero School® Learning Engine and the Pareto Principle to go from Starting Over to Tangible Results ridiculously fast

At The Speed Of Movies™

7: Seven Universal Emotions

  • ReActivate innate non-verbal communication powers for fewer misunderstandings with friends and loved ones 
  • Connect with clients and colleagues exponentially faster for a more harmonious and productive working environment
  • Leverage the power of Dr. Paul Ekman's model to read emotions so quickly, you'll know who to hire and who to avoid

6. Six Human Needs

  • Learn from Human Needs Psychology what really motivates your kids, colleagues and clients
  • Discover ways to authentically fulfill your own needs and others needs in the home, the workplace and the world
  • Significantly reduce distraction and temptation from interfering with  forward progress

5. Five Love Languages

  • Learn how to give and receive love that counts with the people you care the most about
  • Become more quickly trusted and appreciated by those you just met, even through a teleconference  
  • Grow deeper, longer-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with your kids, clients and colleagues

4. Four Team Types

  • Rapidly reconnect with your intrinsic business “Spirit Animal” for automatic success
  • Learn a breakthrough model for effective team-building and sustainable organizational productivity
  • Gain a powerful process for working with others while ensuring diversity, creativity and growth

3. Three Dynamic Doshas

  • Learn to access the power of physical transformation from your Mind-Body type
  • Discover nutritional plans for your biological and behavioral balance, energy and performance
  • Regain control of your size, shape, speed and results

2. Two Super Selves

  • Discover your core human Superpower and how to release it
  • Learn how to integrate you dreams, desires and needs for accelerated goal achievement and fulfillment
  • Overcome inner conflict, kryptonite and repeated history - once and for all

1. One New Life

  • Develop a new personal philosophy that lets you move forward without self-doubt, in full power, with your whole heart
  • Release the pains, fears and villains of the past
  • Learn to maximize your prior education, experience and expertise to become indispensable in the future
  • BONUS Strategies and Resources for employment, entrepreneurship, teaching, parenting, team building and more

Life. Interrupted. 

2020 took everyone by surprise.

And it took a lot more than that. 

Children were robbed of their school experience. Careers canceled. Businesses shuttered. Plans and dreams all but erased.

And its latent effects are just beginning.

From the constant inner doubt and future uncertainty to eroded faith and self-esteem, many good people have been left wondering where to go from here.

However your story started, this is not how your story should end.

  • Will there be another respected role for you to play in this new world?
  • Will you be able to motivate your kids to do what they must?
  • Will you say the right thing in the right way to the right people who hold the keys to your renaissance? 
  • Will you be able to overcome the kryptonite and bad habits that trip you up and rob you of your power just when things start improving? 

At Heroes Incorporated, we believe the answer is an emphatic "YES!" 

Because we believe in heroes. We believe in YOU.

While we can't stop the storms of life from coming, we can keep them from washing away all that we hold dear.


Rapid ReInvention™  

Turn a nagging setback into your heroic comeback TODAY.

What you'll get:

  • A synchronized course to ensure you secure a Starring Role in the next economy
  • Live Zoom™ Q&A Mentorship and Networking Sessions led by Tiger Todd 
  • 7 Transformational Video Classes with Hero School® author Tiger Todd 
  • Accelerated lessons and cutting-edge strategies for reactivating motivation and the energy of purpose 
  • 80/20 Principle study guides and worksheets for building a solid and secure foundation for the future, fast
  • Downloadable Starter Kit including 4 Quadrant Coaching and your Transformation Schedule  
  • Valuable Bonuses including a special recorded live "Get Back In The Game"  training with Tiger Todd
  • Bonus Sessions form Mark Chamberlain, Dennis Bonilla, Darin MacDonald and other leaders on the Future Of Work, Overcoming Impossible Odds and Profitable Career Pivots 
  • Lifetime access to course and materials including Bonuses and Updates
Your next Heroic Adventure is calling. Will you be able to answer the call?


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Rapid ReInvention™ is just  $497.

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Professor, Author

"Something magical happened that I can't quite put a description on yet... at its core, a much-needed reinforcement that I'm living my purpose in the world and to keep my focus on the behaviors necessary to sustain who I want to be and the work I want to do. Thank you!!!”

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Entrepreneur, Law Student

“That's right, in 2009 I was homeless and living at Catholic Charities sitting in Hero School. Since then I completed my associates at CSN and now attend UNLV. I have also started my own business. Thanks for being a part of my life and influencing it for the better. The transformation to heroism began with you. Thank you.”

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Executive, Mom

“Hi Tiger. This note is way overdue. I want to thank you for what you do and how you inspire others to look outside of their world and into the world of the Super Hero within themselves. I had hoped by sending Jonathan he might feel some inspiration to take action - and he has! We have had some very authentic conversations and I feel like he is on the road to becoming the amazing person I've always known was there...(his father) and I are excited to see where he goes next. Thank you again. I feel like I have my kid back:)”

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Bringing you strategies and insights from more than 25 years of hero-building is none other than Hero School® creator Tiger Todd.

Tiger's breakthrough work deriving the math from mythology has given birth to countless movies, research studies, schools and centers, non-profits and businesses, websites and bestsellers. Millions around the world daily use the concepts of heroism, story, identity, transformation, superpowers, alter ego and character change* from Tiger's pioneering work helping real people in the real world overcome challenges and accomplish the impossible.

Imagine having a real-life Morpheus, Dumbledore or Jor-El advising you during every critical step of your next Hero's Journey!

*Character Change is a Registered Trademark of Hero School Inc.

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Bonus #1:


Originally designed exclusively for our Executive Coaching programs, you'll get Lifetime Access to the Rapid ReInvention™ - including all bonuses and worksheets - for a single one-time low price. 

That means you'll be able to work at your own pace and revisit the videos, audios, in-depth lessons and Superpowered Strategies™ without having to pay again next month or next year.

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Bonus #2:


Entry to a 90-minute Rapid ReInvention™ Q&A via Zoom™ with creator Tiger Todd and special guests.

Gain the wisdom of fellow ReInventors from across the country and around the world - from diverse roles and fields including education, entertainment, technology, social services, construction, wealth management and more - as we apply the wisdom and strategies the Rapid ReInvention™ course to real life challenges in real-time.

Each multi-directional Mentorship Meet-Ups gives you direct access to Tiger Todd and guests as well as the ability to meet and share insight with the entire Rapid ReInvention cohort. 

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Bonus #3:


Just how does someone go from struggling teen to world class gaming attorney?

How does a professional athlete become a leading Artificial Intelligence Architect and pioneer in metabolic nutrition?

How do you live through the loss of your start-up - and having your throat slit, plus the removal of 54 staples?

You'll learn strategies for advancing over decade-long obstacles in a single bound.

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Bonus #4:


You'll gain unique insight on Career ReInvention and the Future of Work by Digital Business Consultant and former University Technology Dean Dennis Bonilla. 

Dennis Bonilla's wealth of experience spans a variety of industries including higher education, technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech, telecommunications and fossil and nuclear energy.

Mr. Bonilla is a pilot, guitar player, educator, MBA and veteran of the U.S. Navy, where he taught at the US Naval Nuclear Power School and served three patrols in engineering operations on the USS Casimir Pulaski, SSBN 633 Blue Crew.


What will 2021 be like if you don't ReInvent?

For a limited time, we are offering a healthy discount on Rapid ReInvention for you or someone you care about who has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown.

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The Power Is In You

Just like every movie hero, you can know that your story will achieve its happy ending with the right combination of a proven expert, a pragmatic philosophy and strategic exercises performed over time. It's not chance. It's not wishing. It's math.

If you're currently in a struggle, overwhelmed by outside forces, facing a debilitating setback or simply stuck not knowing what to do that will make the most difference right now, congratulations. You're a movie hero!

Now, how do you want this next chapter of your real life movie to end? Does your hero save the village? Defeat the Evil Empire? Develop the cure? Unite the people? Gain the respect of the city? Build the buildings? Equip the next generation for greatness? Win the hand of the Prince or Princess?

By learning the path, next year you'll look back on the courage you conjured, the decisions you made, the wisdom you gleaned, the steps you took and the daring effort you gave that produced Rapid ReInvention for you and those around you.

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No Deposit, No Return.

What will next year be like if you do nothing? Will the world wait for you while you wait for it to go back to normal?

You know the answer. With waiting comes more frustration with the people you love, more anger with the people in charge, more disappointment with those who forgot about you, more resentment against the people creating their future, and even less self-esteem from doing less that you could have while you could have.

Perhaps the hardest lesson will be what to say to the friends, loved ones and young people who look up to you.

You don't have to keep repeating history, Happy Gilmore. You don't have to stay in the shallows, Ally and Jack. You don't have to retreat to your cul de sac, Mrs. Incredible. You don't have to live out your days in confinement, Dantes. You can be the hero of your own story.

You can even make a sequel.

It's a New Year. It's not too late to reinvent. It's not too late to make this year your year. It's not too late for your greatness to shine again. It's not too late to change the game.

Just don't wait. You may have time left to start over again. What will life be like a year from now - or five years -  if you are struggling with the same inner conflicts and unrealized powers, and you're even further behind?

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Rapid. ReInvention.

Rapid ReInvention™ will help anchor your soul and support your steps in whatever you decide to reinvent, whether a career, a business, a school, a product, a body, a family, a new role or a love relationship.

Regardless of what happens outside you, we believe the power within you is far greater, that circumstances change when you do. And you will, too.

Get that new house. Grow that business 10X. Restore that broken relationship. Refill your savings and retirement accounts. Receive what you're due. Drive what you deserve. Bless more people than you ever dreamed. Worship how you want to. Save those that only you can save. Release what you must. Live how you decide.

By utilizing the concepts, processes and strategies in Rapid ReInvention™, you'll also be able to finally neutralize those nagging inner conflicts - while restoring self-confidence, creativity and the conviction that you have what it takes to create the future you desire.


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No matter your next epic adventure - whether building a new career, family or body - you need to know your next story will have a happy ending. Through our unrivaled experience, dynamic courses, accelerated model, strategic tools and unique insight, you'll quickly move from backstage to the limelight, to being the Director of your epic instead of an extra in someone else's film.

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